How To Get Blogged

Getting your tunes on to a music blog is harder than it sounds.

You might be under the impression that worlds music bloggers have been patiently waiting for you, their glands swollen with excitement ready to spunk rainbows of praise all over the internet about your musical opus.

All you need do is pen a polite email, attach a  sample of your epic production…then kick back and prepare for the stratospheric rise to superstardom.

Sadly it’s not like that. Not one little bit. There are SO many people sending SO many promos to SO many blogs your efforts are most likely to get lost in the noise.

Litterally hundreds of emails a day arrive at this tiny little corner of the net I dread to think what the big blogs have to sift through.

Just getting your email noticed is hard enough.

Let alone getting a blogger to open it. Then they’ve got to read the fucking thing.

If you get as far actually having your tune heard then you’ve made it further than 95% of all people firing emails to music blogs.

But some tracks DO get through, do get blogged and do make it out into the wild.

This impenetrable block of text will tell you how to best go about to getting your music on to a blog like Loudat. Here in you will find hints and tips on how to approach blogs, present yourself and develop relationships with websites that can get your music to the wider public. They call it “Online PR” or “Digital PR”. It’s mainly for wankers.


There are many Online PR companies who may take an interest in your music and for a fee will use their network of contacts and blogs to get your music out there which is all very well and splendid but until you’ve got some grunt behind your releases you might struggle to find a PR firm to fight your cause.

Its’ worth pointing out that a lot of Online PR companies are absolutely fucking clueless.
They might have an asymetic fringe, skinny jeans, grubby white pumps and big,chatty mouth but often the most basic grasp of internet technolgy fails the average Online PR goon. Not good when your business is conducted largely on the interwebpipes.

So you can actually do a much better job yourself.

You need to think like a blogger, act like a human and use technology to your advantage.


Most bands and producers seem to skip this vital step. Don’t do that.

There is only one BIG thing you can do to vastly improve your chance of getting popular across the blogs and that’s to write some good music. A good tune will carry itself and once you or your band have gone to the trouble of gestating the most incredible song ever you might be ready to approach some blogs with your magnificent creation.

This period of creativity and production, refinement and development seems to take most people about twenty minutes or at least sounds that way.
Lets assume you’ve got a tune  it’s not actually half bad and you want the world to hear it you need to a find a platform from which to share the good news.
First stop, Hype machine.


Hype Machine is the internet Top Of The Pops.

Getting to the top of the Hype Machine is the modern day equivalent of twirling around like peacock in BBC Studio 1 on a Thursday night getting beamed into the homes of millions of adoring teenagers. Now it’s just an HTML frame on a website. You might still get some prick  from London Fields recognise you if that’s any consolation.

Hype Machine aggregates music blog posts from all over the internet. I post something on Loudat and the HypeM scrapes the info from my RSS feed and plonks it into the Recent pages. Every post gets on the front page for a few moments of internet fame, everyone gets a chance.

Not all blogs are on Hype Machine. Here’s a list of those that are.
Those that are get a lot of traffic from the HypeM. A popular post on the HypeM will send traffic to my site, your tune gets heard, I get traffic and all this effort seems a bit more worthwhile.



So what you need to do is find blogs that post music similar to the stuff you make and stick them on your hitlist. Do not just send shit to every site listed on there. It’s a massive waste of your time, the bloggers time and just clogs up the internet with you ego.

Worse than that all your emails will likely be filtered as SPAM never to be opened – even if you do produce or push something relevant in future. This is the downfall of many PR firms.
For exmaple: I like DANCE music, I love the noises that machines make. When humans are involved it tends to annoy the shit out of me. And there are plenty of blogs out there who HATE dance music and LOVE guitars and fringes and eye makeup. Don’t send heavy breakbeat to trendy band music blogs.
Never send me indy music.Simple really.

So you’ve got a hit-list of blogs that you think might like your music. Time to start work. And it is work.


Here’s how to get a blog to notice you. Just bombing emails straight to blogs is pointless. That’s what nearly everyone does and you will be ignored. So you must put in some effort and this is going to take some time. Just because your tune is ready don’t assume everyone else is. Be patient and put in the footwork and you can make a good first impression.


Bloggers spend a lot of time searching out music, writing stuff, finding images, fixing bugs, updating link, tweaking code etc…it’s actually hard work and is largely a thankless task.  It’s a labour of love.

To have someone come along an actually pay the slightest bit of attention to something you’ve written is immensely rewarding. To have someone RETURN to your blog and read it (we can tell) is also very satisfying. But most satisfying of all is to read comments from readers. LEAVING COMMENTS scores big points.


DON’T write – “this is great – listen to me smashing an ableton controller”  Apply some humility and just leave a nice comment, one that shows you’ve paid attention.

Dig through old posts as well. Bloggers love this.

Use the same username across all the comments and blogs, make sure it will be recogniseable and related to your band/ artists name. When the time comes to drop the email promos to the blogs, they will recognise your name and you are FAR more likely to get noticed.

Comments  will be read by the blogger and they will be appreciated.
Do this a few times with genuine interest and you may even get a response from the blogger and this is an opportunity to strike up a dialogue. That’s way better than an email and puts you way ahead of the competition.

  • Pick your blogs carefully. Make sure they are relevant to your music else you’ll be marked as spam.
  • Take your time. There is no rush .With patience you can make a great first impression.
  • Visit the blogs you think might support your music, read their posts and LEAVE COMMENTS.

So if you follow the above tips  you can start to sow the seeds of a relationship with a blog admin and you’ll be miles ahead of all those people hopelessly spamming the entire planet. Be nice. It might be a one way thing at the moment but it will all be worthwhile.  In the next instalment I’ll cover a bunch of technical tips and give you an inside tour of the bloggers inbox.

Hope this helps..

If you found this at all useful / amusing leave a comment why not have a listen to the Loudat Podcast?
And if you happen to have a track that you think might be worth sticking on the next podcast drop us a message via Soundcloud and we’ll take a listen.



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    Now…I'm going to creep on your articles and see if I can find some awesome new music I've never heard before! ;)

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    I can picture that indie dude. Made me laugh.

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