Tipper – Gulch

GLITCH GOODNESS – Last year Tipper nearly shuffled loose this mortal coil. Clearly he is a stubborn bastard and, refusing to die, soldiers on as one of the best music producers you’re ever likely to hear. There is so much work in every single bar of his tracks you suspect his fridge is very tidy and all his socks match.
New album ” Forward Escape” out now.

Apple set to dominate “Headphones for Cunts” market

Apple is said in talks to buy headphone maker Beats Electronics in a deal rumoured to be worth £1.9bn .
The acquisition would secure Apple’s monopoly of overpriced, sonically sub-standard headphones for the clueless masses.

Having enjoyed dominance of the exhibitionist in-ear headphone market since the launch of its ubiquitous White Earbuds, Apple headphones have long been the go-to choice for millions of pretentious idiots with no critical opinion of sound quality.

Now in talks to buy Beats by Dre, founded by super producer Dr Dre, Apple are hoping to gain back their market share eroded by Beat’s stratospheric sales in obtrusive headphones for young people that have never met their dad.

Both Beats and Apple Earbuds products are regarded as desirable fashion accessories and although the acoustic performance or each is exceptionally poor they remain popular In the shallow-end of the gene pool.

If successful in their purchase of Beats , Apple will dominate the global market of fawning peacocks keen to advertise their social status through high-end, low quality wearable electronics.

Hashim – Al Naafiysh (Si Begg Remix)

CLASSIC ELECTRO REMIX DOWNLOAD – legend has it that this seminal electro track was first written on a Casio Calculator / Keyboard. A year later 17 year old Jerry Calliste had produced Al Naafiysh and changed the future of dance music as we know it.

The only entertaining thing I ever got out of a calculator was the word BOOBLESS on a 7 segment display. I’m a Fucking genius.

In 2005, Si Begg remixed the track for the Victoria Project label which subsequently vapourised. With no one to chase him up, Si Begg has decided to kindly give this one away. Huzzah.

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