Koan Sound – Dynasty

GLITCH BASS TEAROUT Koan Sound preview their forthcoming Dynasty EP for your subsonic listening pleasure. With a nod to the Dave Tipper school of squelch Koan Sound produce fastidiously sculpted snarls and growls into outstanding glitch tracks that sound like you’re passing thorough King Kong’s colon.

Meat Katie – Bang 100 / When You’re Alone

A brace of heaving, pressurised grooves for your consisderation: Mark Pember drops the pace and plummets into the funk depths to help fund the bandwidth costs of his essential “Lowering The Tone Podcast” . The show is up on iTunes for you to grab straight to your FondleSlab.
Both “Bang 100″ and “When You’re Alone” are available for download via Bandcamp on a Pay-What-The-Fuck-You-Like basis.

Bare in mind, this a gentleman’s agreement and you should at least be choking up the pennies to buy Pember a packet of crisps and decent scotch egg.

The “Lowering The Tone” Podcast can be streamed here

Burnt Island Casuals – Bellshill Rendezvous

SWAMPY HOUSE GROOVE Everything the Graeme Clark touches turns to solid gold.
A solid gold bucket of Glaswegian diamonds, no less.
The Revenge previews a tantalising clip of deep, organic house at it’s swampiest.

If you’re feeling this you could sign up to grab a free download of another equally dope Revenge track “Lovestory” and be in with a chance of winning a rare-as-rocking-horse-shit mix CASETTE.

Phil Kieran – Going There

SEDUCTIVE ELECTRO CUT The boundaries of the Electro genre have been blurred somewhat after the name tag was hijacked by a bunch of cunts wearing t-shirts with plunging neck lines.
“Electro” ,as far as your common-or-garden fuckwit knows, is all stadium dance events, MASSIVE DROPS and generic ableton presets. Which can take a running fuck at themselves

Phil Keiran, however , summons the power of Detroit and serves up a stripped back, break beat cut that nods to the roots of dance music with a seductive electro sound pallet. Gorgeous.

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