David Guetta DJ Tribute Act. I shit you not. 0


Well this is new. A tribute DJ.
I’ll say that again: A tribute DJ.
As in: a nobody who is pretending to be a Famous Disc Jockey, advertising himself as such and actually getting booked.
Before we explore just how bloody ludicrous this concept is let’s for a moment humour ourselves.
If you could pretend to be any DJ in the history of the world, if you could assume their persona, commandeer their record
collection and impart upon the masses the magic conjured by ANY DJ in the world – who might you mimic?

The Paradise Garage legend Larry Levan? Perhaps prog noodling controller chief Sasha? Techno pioneer Jeff Mills?
Or hows about philipino turntablist demi-god Q-bert?

This is tricky. Because not only are the chances slim that you look anything like these DJ’s you probably haven’t quite mastered the craft of DJing at their level.
You’re not going to be able to recreate the magic of Levan, you can’t scratch like Q-bert and you’re not
analy retentive enough to ableton like Sasha. Also the likely hood of having to Black Up to mimic any DJ worth mentioning is quite high and issues of political correctness may come into play.

So. You want to be a DJ but you look like a prick, you can’t mix for shit, your taste in music is appalling and you have no soul. Why not pretend to be David.Fucking.Guetta.
That’s what this preening fucktard has done.

This is just staggering.
A live tribute act would at least have to learn to play songs penned by their idols. They would have to practice. They would have to move, act and sound like the bands they have chosen to mimic and sure enough they will get booked. Some cover bands are really bloody good, in fact there is a whole UK festival of cover bands here in the UK which is a rather neat idea.

But a cover DJ?
He just gets up behind the decks, puts on some massive fucking shades and presses play on the CDJ. And THAT is IT.
What an absolute,cunting,arse-hat of a man.
More to the point this twat just turns up , plays David Guetta tunes and doesn’t even go to the trouble of lieing about it. Indeed that is his unique sales pitch.
“So then you’re a DJ what do you play?
“Well I pretend to be David Guetta and I play all his tunes in the same order, night after night”
“Incredible. You’re hired”